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Corals with Living Seas in Bali 1 - Intamarque - Wholesale

Corals with Living Seas in Bali 1

In a world where businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of giving back, Intamarque stands out with a unique commitment that's making waves. We're thrilled to share how our partnership with the PT Livingseas Explorers Indonesia (Living Seas) is driving positive change through every order placed on our website. At Intamarque, we believe in blending commerce with compassion, and our collaboration with Living Seas exemplifies this ethos.

Living Seas: A Force for Marine Conservation and Education

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Bali, Indonesia, Living Seas is a remarkable social enterprise dedicated to marine conservation and education. Their vision stretches beyond conventional boundaries, aiming to nurture marine ecosystems while empowering local communities.

One of their most innovative initiatives involves the creation of "Reef Stars," man-made structures meticulously designed to host 18 living coral fragments each. Constructed using biodegradable materials, these Reef Stars serve as a lifeline for struggling coral reefs, fostering new growth and vitality in underwater environments.



By aligning our business with causes that resonate, we're proving that commerce and compassion aren't mutually exclusive.

The Heart of the Initiatives

Living Seas is much more than its impressive structures. Their mission radiates through every endeavor they undertake:

  1. Coral Planting Projects: Using the Reef Stars, Living Seas embarks on large-scale coral planting projects in Padangbai, Bali. This hands-on approach not only revitalises coral ecosystems but also creates awareness about the fragility of marine life.

  2. Empowering the Youth: A fellowship program aimed at young adults in the local community is at the core of Living Seas' efforts. Through comprehensive training in diving, marine conservation, and sustainability, they're nurturing a generation of advocates committed to preserving our oceans.

  3. Community Engagement: Education forms a vital pillar of Living Seas' mission. Engaging with the local community and raising awareness about marine conservation creates a ripple effect that extends beyond the water's edge.

  4. Research, Monitoring, and Sustainable Tourism: Living Seas' commitment to understanding marine environments drives ongoing research and monitoring. They're also fostering sustainable tourism practices that harmonize with nature rather than exploit it.

Intamarque's Support: Connecting Commerce with Compassion

At Intamarque we're passionate about making a difference, and our partnership with Living Seas reflects this spirit. For every order placed on our website, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to support Living Seas' transformative initiatives.

By aligning our business with causes that resonate, we're proving that commerce and compassion aren't mutually exclusive. With each transaction, our customers become integral to the larger narrative of environmental conservation and community empowerment.

A Shared Vision for a Thriving Marine Ecosystem

Living Seas' commitment to building a thriving marine coral reef ecosystem is a beacon of hope in an era where our oceans face unprecedented challenges. Their holistic approach, encompassing conservation, education, and community involvement, mirrors our own values at Intamarque.

As we move forward, our partnership with Living Seas stands as a testament to the potential of collaboration. Together, we're not just writing a new chapter in marine conservation; we're rewriting the script on what businesses can achieve when they integrate purpose into every facet of their operations.

Join us in championing change through every order and being a catalyst for a healthier planet and empowered communities. Together, we're creating a legacy of positive impact that transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary.

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