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Embracing the Spring Cleaning Phenomenon: A Journey from History to Your Wholesale Needs - Intamarque - Wholesale

Embracing the Spring Cleaning Phenomenon: A Journey from History to Your Wholesale Needs

As we step into the early months of the year, there's a buzz in the air that signals a honoured tradition - spring cleaning. It's a phenomenon that, contrary to its name, often starts as early as January. But have you ever wondered why this tradition of rejuvenation and renewal begins in the chill of winter?

The Historical Essence of Spring Cleaning:
Spring cleaning's roots can be traced back to several cultures and religions. In Iranian culture, the practice of 'khooneh tekouni', which translates to 'shaking the house', just before the Persian new year, is a symbol of renewal and freshness. Similarly, the Jewish practice of thoroughly cleansing the home before Passover holds significant religious importance. These practices, and others like them, have interwoven themselves into the fabric of spring cleaning as we know it today.

The Modern Adaptation:
In today's fast-paced world, spring cleaning symbolises a fresh start. It's about clearing out the old to make way for the new, and this ethos extends well beyond our homes. It's a time when businesses, especially in the retail and wholesale sectors, prepare to meet the seasonal demand for cleaning products.

A One-Stop Solution for Your Wholesale Needs:
Understanding the significance of this season, we're proud to announce that our range of cleaning products for wholesale is now fully stocked and more diverse than ever. We believe in providing only the best for our customers, and that's why we feature top-selling UK brands known for their quality and effectiveness.


Our Expanded Wholesale Range:
We take pride in our meticulously curated collection of cleaning products, now boasting an even more extensive array of top-quality brands:

  • Zoflora: Known for its multipurpose disinfectant liquids, Zoflora ensures a hygienic and fragrant environment.
  • Toilet Duck: Toilet Duck products are synonymous with impeccable toilet hygiene, providing thorough cleansing and fresh scents.
  • Flash: Tackling tough stains effortlessly, Flash cleaning agents are a must for pristine surfaces.
  • Vanish: Renowned for its fabric stain removal properties, Vanish is a saviour for laundry challenges.
  • Cillit Bang: With its powerful cleaning solutions, Cillit Bang makes short work of grime and dirt.
  • Domestos: A champion in killing germs, Domestos is essential for a germ-free household.
  • Comfort: Comfort fabric conditioners add that extra softness and fragrance to your laundry.
  • Bold: Known for its combined cleaning and conditioning abilities, Bold leaves clothes clean, soft, and fragrant.
  • Persil: A leader in laundry detergents, Persil ensures effective cleaning while being gentle on fabrics.
  • Harpic: Specialising in toilet cleaning, Harpic ensures a spotless and hygienic bathroom.
  • Finish: Finish dishwasher products deliver sparkling clean dishes with every wash.

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