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Follow this page to understand what happens you make an order with us

If you need help email us here. 

Your assigned Account Manager will now add you to the mailing list so that you can start receiving daily offers and weekly pricelists.


You will have now been granted full access to our online webshop too. If you have any difficulties accessing the shop.


Please let us know here. 


Please confirm to your sales rep which currency you would like to order with. You have options of GBP, EUR & USD 

Please note each currency has its own payment account to pay into. Details will be sent to you with your proforma at a later date. 


Please note that when ordering in EUR or USD currency we ask that orders are confirmed within 24 hours, otherwise we need to requote order due to fluctuating rates. 


Understanding our Price Lists

The full traded pricelist will be sent to you every Friday and shows our regular stock lines and also any supplier/manufacturer promotions for the month.
Our stock on floor is mentioned and can be ordered in any quantities.
On other lines offered, if there is any MOQ for the line, it will be mentioned on all offering.
For stock to be ordered, the lead times may vary. If you would like to know the lead times before confirming orders, please just let sales support know and they will advise.

If you have any feedback on our offers or target pricing, please always send.
We can sometimes offer discounts on products for volume purchasing.
Any items you may be looking for, please send us a look for. Please ensure to provide product barcode, quantity you require and a target price if possible.

Ordering a single Case contains the units or Pcs.


Airwick has a Case size of 12 x 375ml Units

= 12 Single units of Airwick Fresh up 375ml

Ordering a single Case contains the units or Pcs.


Airwick has a Case size of 12 x 375ml Units

= 12 Single units of Airwick Fresh up 375ml

Export VAT Procedure

If you use our freight service, this wont apply to you. 

If you are wanting to use your own forwarder, please let us know the name and address of the forwarder. This information will determine if we charge VAT on your first order. 

The forwarder you choose to work with, needs to be checked with us. If they are known and trusted by intamarque, VAT will not apply. 

If the forwarder is NEW to intamarque, a checklist will be sent to you to pass onto them and it is our policy to charge VAT on the first order. 

The VAT amount can immediately be refunded to you once the correct shipping documents have been completed and returned to us which confirm the goods have left the country.

The refund will be processed quickly and can either be returned to your bank account or can be kept on your account with Intamarque and applied on any future orders. 

It is a requirement by HMRC for us to follow the guidelines of exporting. 



Delivering your Order

We offer free delivery within the UK for orders meeting our MOV which is £5000 excluding VAT. 


Delivery charges will apply for orders which are under this MOQ. 45 GBP per pallet. 


There is also an additional charge if a forklift is required on deliveries GBP 

Collecting your Order

You can arrange your own transport, this has to be arranged with an agreed booking with our Logistics team.  

Once your order has been picked, we can send the packing lists to you to allow your booking to be made for you to arrange your own transport 

Collections can only be made with a booking, and a reference number. 


Warehouse Address – Intamarque Ltd, Alexandra Way, Ashchurch, Tewkesbury, GL20 8NB 



Export Deliveries

We offer a freight service via third party who are reliable and have competitive prices.


Documents can be provided DGN, EUR1, BL 

Shipping – Road, Sea or Air Freight 

SEA  - If you would like us to quote your shipping costs, please advise sales support  

  1. Size of potential order - Pallets only, 20ft, 40ft 
  2. Hazadous or Non Hazardous or Both 
  3. Insurance or No Insurance 
  4. Port 

AIR – Please provide the final destination address 

ROAD - Please provide the final destination address 

Packing your Order



All orders are stacked and wrapped. 


If you have any special requirements, it is important to advise us as early as possible to ensure we can meet your requests. 

Placing your First Order



You can place orders on webshop, email or phone via sales rep or sales support. 


Once you have placed your first order, it will be checked and you will be sent a confirmation to check. Once confirmed to proceed, we will request a 30% deposit before we order any stock in.


Once orders have been confirmed, cancellations or amendments may not be accepted. 


It is possible to build orders and hold stock if discussed and agreed with manager. 


Order complete!

Your order will be confirmed by one of our sales reps, once this has been done you can make your payment.


Our team here at Intamarque are always here to help.

Give us a call or email with your enquiry .