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Boost Your Wholesale Offerings with L'Oréal's Latest Innovations - Now Available at Intamarque's Jan/Feb Promotions! - Intamarque - Wholesale

Boost Your Wholesale Offerings with L'Oréal's Latest Innovations - Now Available at Intamarque's Jan/Feb Promotions!

 This season, L'Oréal, a name synonymous with beauty and quality, has launched an exciting range of products. Now available through Intamarque's Jan/Feb promotions, these new offerings are not just a great opportunity to attract more customers but also to increase basket size and customer loyalty. Let's dive into what makes these products must-haves for your wholesale inventory.

1. Hydra Pure: The Ultimate Hydration Trio

  • Product Range: Includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, and Scalp Serum.
  • Wholesale Benefit: Offering Hydra Pure as a three-step routine enables a basket upsell opportunity. This range, focused on intense hydration, is perfect for customers seeking a comprehensive hair care solution. By stocking the full range, you encourage customers to purchase the complete set, enhancing their shopping experience and your sales.

2. Glycolic Gloss: For Lasting Shine

  • Product Range: Shampoo, Conditioner, Laminate, and Leave-in Serum.
  • Wholesale Advantage: Glycolic Gloss is a game-changer for customers seeking long-lasting hair gloss. The effect lasts up to 5 washes, making it a cost-effective option for your customers. By offering this range, you're providing an attractive, high-value proposition to your clientele.

3. Midnight Serum: Nutritious and Pillow-Proof

  • Product Details: An extraordinary oil offering intense nutrition and care.
  • Why Stock It: Midnight Serum is a unique addition to any hair care SKU. Its pillow-proof feature ensures no mess while providing intensive care, making it an appealing choice for customers seeking hassle-free, overnight hair nourishment.

4. Bright Reveal: The First 5-Step Skincare Line

  • Product Range: Dark Spot Serum, Niacinamide Powder Repair, Spot Fading Serum in Cleanser, Dark Spots Hydrating Cream, Age Spot Rapid Corrector.
  • Wholesale Value: Bright Reveal is L'Oréal's first-ever 5-step skincare lineup targeting dark spots and signs of aging. Offering this comprehensive range can attract a broad customer base, especially those looking for targeted skincare solutions.

5. L'Oréal Men Expert - Hydra Energetic: The Sportsman's Choice

  • Product Range: Anti-Perspirant for 72 hours, Deodorant, and Shower Wash.
  • Why It's Great for Wholesale: Targeting the sports and active lifestyle segment, the Hydra Energetic range is designed for extreme conditions. Its long-lasting formula is a great selling point for customers involved in sports and outdoor activities.

These new L'Oréal products are not just a benefit for customers but a significant opportunity for wholesalers. By stocking these ranges, you offer more than just products; you provide solutions, experiences, and satisfaction to your customers. The varied range caters to diverse needs, ensuring that your inventory remains relevant and appealing. Don't miss out on the chance to enhance your product offerings and customer appeal with these innovative solutions from L'Oréal, available now in Intamarque's Jan/Feb promotions.

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