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Leveraging Core Range Selection for Maximum Profitability: Insights from Intamarque - Intamarque - Wholesale

Leveraging Core Range Selection for Maximum Profitability: Insights from Intamarque

Success in convenience retail hinges on the strategic selection of products. Intamarque, a global FMCG wholesaler, excels in helping retailers navigate this crucial decision-making process. Our focus goes beyond supplying products; we offer valuable insights to optimise shelf space for maximum profitability.

The Critical Role of Core Range in Retail Profitability

The core range you choose is the backbone of your store's profitability. A study by the IRI Worldwide showed that a well-chosen core range could account for up to 80% of sales and 85% of profits in convenience retail. This emphasises the need for a meticulously selected range that resonates with consumer preferences and maximises return on shelf space.

Optimising Shelf Space with High-Demand Brands

Our selection includes leading brands like Johnson's, Colgate, Dove, Pampers, Flash, Vaseline, and Nivea. These brands don't just offer familiarity; they bring proven sales performance. For instance, in the oral care segment, products like Colgate have been shown to perform consistently well, often outperforming lesser-known brands in sales per unit of shelf space.

Profitability Through Customer Loyalty and Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is a key driver of customer loyalty and repeat purchases. Brands like Johnson's and Dove have a loyal customer base, ensuring steady sales. The Harvard Business Review notes that a 5% increase in customer loyalty can result in a 25% to 95% increase in profits. By stocking these trusted brands, retailers can leverage this loyalty for increased sales and higher margins.

Enhancing Retail Space Efficiency

Efficient use of retail space is essential for maximising profitability. This involves not just selecting the right products but also understanding their turnover rates and shelf appeal. A Nielsen study revealed that optimising shelf space could lead to a 20% increase in sales. By focusing on high-turnover, high-demand products, retailers can ensure that every inch of shelf space contributes to the store's financial success.

Partner with Intamarque for Strategic Retail Success

At Intamarque, we believe that the right core range is the key to retail success. Our expertise in selecting and supplying high-demand, profitable brands ensures that our retail partners can maximise their shelf space efficiency and profitability. By partnering with us, retailers gain access to data-driven insights and a selection of products that are not just popular but also profitability drivers. Join us in transforming your retail space into a high-performing business.

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